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Téenek 200 is a 2 and 4 person relay mountain biking competition in the state of Querétaro. The race will have an approximate route of 200 kilometers and crosses 5 Municipalities of the state of Querétaro and four main venues that are; Jalpan, Pinal de Amoles, San Joaquin and Bernal.

The stages of the event are divided into four; Jalpan – Pinal del Amoles, Pinal de Amoles – San Joaquín, San Joaquín – Bernal.

Crossing the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro, Téenek 200 will take cyclists through the extraordinary natural landscapes that the Sierra Gorda offers us, as well as the cultural landscapes and the great gastronomy of the state of Querétaro.

Teenek 200
relay race

Location: Jalpan, Queretaro, MX

Date: July 28 and 29


  • manly couples(2 people)

  • mixed couples(2 people opposite sex)

  • manly teams(4 people)

  • mixed teams(4 people, 1 opposite sex)

    cost: $4,500 per team(Couples and teams of 4)


Registration includes: 

  • T-shirt

  • Socks

  • commemorative medal

  • Hydration and supply points in transitions

  • Basic medical service

  • Event Registration

Teenek 200 Relay Race:

1.-The route has 4 segments, approx. 50 km each.

2.-In the couples category, each member will do 2 interspersed segments and in the 4-team category, each participant will do one segment. (Example; rider 1 performs segment 1 and 3, rider 2 segment 2 and 4)

3.-Each team must have a support vehicle, with which they will move to the different relay points.

4.- No competitor can start a segment without having received the baton from his partner.

5.- No team vehicle may circulate within the route.

6.- Cyclists and vehicles must follow the route provided by the organization in .GPX format, which will be sent one week before the start of the competition. There will be a track for cyclists and a track for vehicles.

7.- Each segment will have a limited time that will be announced the week before the event. The event will last 15 hours.

8.- All teams must be present on July 28 at the host Hotel for the delivery of packages and prior meeting.

9.- In the couples category there will be a Master 90+ category, which means that the combined age of both cyclists must be 90 years or older.

10.- For the mixed categories it is necessary that one of the competitors of the team be of the opposite sex.

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